Without imposing preconceived vision on her, I try to interpret what mother nature says by: (1) listening with my eyes, plus almost always conversing with the scene, (2) using the camera to interpret the scene as an image and (3) post processing the image to express the conversation in step 1.

I tend to take what mother nature offers. For example if a bluebird sky, be satisfied with it, a cloudy sky, use it and if a stormy sky, jump on it.

I do not copy and paste items, eg clouds or moon, from one photo onto another.

I try to capture what flowing water tells me. If the water is dynamic, mist, droplets and wavelets express that. No milky smooth emasculation. If the water is placid, ripples and reflections tell the story.

I use HDR to extend the camera’s dynamic range when necessary. I find this to be a more flexible option than split filters.